Just a basic hello to everyone!

I am so grateful for folks setting up this Wikia. I'd like to call out Larry Mitchell and Richard D. Hailey, who were its earliest and fundamental constructors/contributors. 

This is a great place to not only talk about your interests in ToTR and the universe of Caine Riordan, but also to mention any interests or questions that you have about the universe on topics that have not yet been covered by the books. You would not believe how much lies on the cutting room floor: keeping the action thread humming means digressions and excurses are luxuries a narrative cannot afford. And many of those scenes will show up in exlusive content, e-collections, which, along with short fiction by some great authors, will start becoming available in 2015. I can't promise we'll cover every topic that gets floated here, but I'm keenly linterested in YOUR interests and will read them closely. Even if I don't write something about it, your comment may prompt me to fill in another backstory element of this ambitious universe.

Thanks to every one of you who have come along for this ride into one possible future!

Best to you all,

Chuck Gannon